Welcome to the BMHS! _________________________________________________________________

The British Miniature Horse Society was founded in 1992 to promote the welfare, breeding and showing of miniature horses. Starting earlier as a registry, it became recognised by DEFRA as a Stud Book, and remains the only UK stud-book for the British Miniature Horse.

Anyone can become a member, even if you don’t own a miniature horse or want to show. To find out about how to become a member, visit our Join page.

New members receive a comprehensive Hand Book , with details of all our services, and electronic newsletters are published regularly to update information. The Society organises various annual events, including an Auction, Teach-ins, Spring Show and an International Breed Show.

Shows are arranged country wide, with most holding qualifying classes for either The Royal International Horse Show or The Horse of the Year Show. (Please note, we are the ONLY society that offer Championships at these prestigious shows).

We are happy to offer advice to perspective purchasers and on all aspects of keeping, breeding and showing miniature horses. Our network of committee members and experienced breeders can put you in touch with people in your area who are willing to help you.

As the Mother Stud Book for the British Miniature Horse we have members in 12 EU Countries with our passports and registration documents being accepted throughout Europe. This also allows for Europe-wide Breeding programs.