Duplicate Passports

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passports

If your BMHS passport has been lost, stolen, or damaged then you must report it within 30 days of the loss/theft or damage. Damaged documents must be returned to the British Miniature Horse Society for replacement. You will need to send a Duplicate Passport Form, along with the appropriate fee to the BMHS Head Office.

We will then issue you with a duplicate passport which will be stamped ‘Duplicate’ on all pages.


Important Section II Information: Duplicate Passports

If your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged in a way that Section II is either no longer present, attached to the passport, or legible, it will automatically state that your equine is not intended for human consumption, whether you previously declared it so or not. This is a precautionary step to ensure contaminated/harmful products do not enter the food chain.


Important Section II Information: Replacement Passports

If your passport is damaged, but the Section II is present and legible, the Human Consumption status of your animal will be maintained as per the original document.