Register Your Horse

Register Your Horse with the BMHS

Registered Miniature Horses form the very foundation of the Society- the Stud Book. The Stud Book ensures that this very special breed of horse is protected, and remains so. By registering, you and your horse can be a part of that.

Registration also means that you can show in a huge range of classes at shows across the country, including the BMHS International Breed Show and qualifiers for The Royal International Horse Show (RIHS) and The Horse of the Year Show (HOYS).

Any miniature horse bred from two BMHS registered parents is automatically eligible for stud-book registration.

Any adult miniature horse (3years and over), without two BMHS registered parents, can be hardshipped onto the breeding section of the stud-book, subject to assessment. Hardshipped miniature horses will be placed on the Breeding Only register, and will not be eligible for affiliated showing.

As well as registering your horse with the BMHS, we can also issue your horse with a passport. Equine passports are legal requirements and you could face a a fine from DEFRA if are not able to produce one when requested. See our Equine Passport section for more information. You can apply for a passport and registration on the 2 paged application form below.

Below you will find sections containing information about applying how to apply for new registrations. Please check the Eligibility section of the website before starting an application. All this information is also available in the Member’s Handbook.

  1. Registration Prices
  2. Registration Downloads
  3. Stallions
  4. Filling out the Application Form
  5. Using a Prefix when Naming a Horse
  6. Registration Checklist

Registration Prices

The Society’s Registration prices change every year. Below is the price list for 2018, available for download:-


Registration Downloads

The Application for Registration is combined with the Application for a Passport and available below for download. Please tick the appropriate box at the top of the form for: Passport Only, Registration Only, or Passport and Registration. Please complete both parts where appropriate (if applying for a passport, do not fill in the UELN, we will provide you with one). The last 2 parts of the application form – ‘Section I Part A’ and ‘Section I Part B’ – must be filled out by a qualified veterinarian



To be eligible for showing, all stallions over the age of 3 years old must be licensed. This involves a veterinary inspection of general health and confirmation.

See our Stallion Licensing page for more information.


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How to Register Your Horse

Application for Registration/Passport Form download:

To register your horse with the BMHS, you must:

  1. Make sure your horse is eligible for registration (see above sections).
  2. Download and complete both parts of the Application for Registration/Passport form (available for download above).
  3. Return the form and all relevant payments/photos/documents/photocopies to the BMHS head office.

We strongly recommend that you read our Application for Registration/Passport Instructions, as if all the steps are not followed correctly, then we will not be able to take your registration further.

Please note:- passports are official documents that are monitored by DEFRA. Please complete all forms carefully and follow all the information below.

If you need further assistance then please contact us before sending any applications in- it might save you time and money.


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Rules for Naming a Horse and using a Prefix

All Prefixes must be registered with the Central Prefix Registry (CPR). Click here to view the Central Prefix Registry rules

To register a prefix, download and complete the form below and send it the BMHS head office with the appropriate fee.

There are additional BMHS rules regarding the naming of a horse, available here: BMHS Rules on Naming Horses


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Registration Checklist

Before sending any application, please check that you have:-

  1. Completed both parts of the Passport and Registration Application Form (New for 2016 onwards)
  2. Included the appropriate fee (postal order or cheque, cheques made payable to BMHS Ltd).
  3. Photocopies of passport Sections 1,2,3 and the silhouette (if the horse you are registering already has a passport).

Once you have all the above documents, send them to:

The BMHS Head Office
Stretcholt Farm,
TA6 4SR – U.K.


If you need any assistance then please contact us.

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BMHS Privacy Policy

The British Miniature Horse Society respects the privacy and rights of all its members and is committed to protecting the privacy of the information obtained from you. Any personal information that you volunteer to us will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, and strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”). Where you submit an application for a Horse Passport, or where you submit an application to record a Horse Passport in your name personal information is recorded. BMHS will need to use the information provided by you for its own internal administration and analysis but, will not divulge any individual details to other third parties without your consent or if we sell our business, except where required by the Commission Regulation EC 504/2008 and The Horse Passports Regulations Act of 2009. In these instances, horse passport-based information about Horse and Owner will be passed on to DEFRA or other regulating bodies as requested. This will enable them to carry out their responsibilities regarding the implementation of the horse passport requirement. It will also facilitate strategic planning within the equine sector, assist in tracing the Owners of straying, lost or stolen horses and reduce malpractice in the sale of horses and ponies. The data collected for this purpose will be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the above purposes. DEFRA, or its appointed agents, may use the name, address and other details on your application form to contact you in connection with occasional customer research aimed at improving the services that DEFRA provides to you. The horse passport based information provided may, in future, be used for research purposes or statistical analysis. Your personal data may be shared, if necessary, within the DEFRA family, other Central Government Departments, Non-Departmental Public Bodies and Local Authorities. Your personal details will be treated as confidential at all times and all data supplied will be kept secure. Data may be processed by a contracted third party that will also be required to keep all data secure. Your personal details will not appear on any commercial website relating to DEFRA or any organisation.

The British Miniature Horse Society will need to use the information provided by you for its own internal administration and analysis but, will not divulge any individual details to other third parties, with the exception of DEFRA, without your consent.