Breeding Reports and DNA Testing

Breeding Reports and DNA Testing

The BMHS operates a tight policy on automatic registrations. To be automatically eligible  for registration, a horse must have two proven BMHS registered parents.

In order to be proven:-

    1. Mating must be recorded with BMHS. This is done when a Stallion Breeding Report is filled out by the owner of the stallion at the time of covering, and sent to the BMHS head office prior to the foals birth. This proves the father (Sire).
    2. The foal must be identified at foot by a veterinary  surgeon before it is 6 months old (this is usually done at the same time as microchipping). This proves the mare.

If one of the above conditions is not attainable, then a DNA test will be required. See below for further information on DNA testing.


Stallion Breeding Reports

If you own a stallion that is covering, then please record ALL of the coverings in the Stallion Breeding Report.

Visiting mares should also be given a Covering Certificate, which also needs to be completed and given to the owner of the mare. This does not need to be sent to the BMHS Head Office unless requested to do so.

Below you will find downloads of the official Stallion Breeding Report and Covering Certificates.


DNA Testing

If your foal is not on the Stallion Breeding Report of the sire or has not been identified at foot by a vet before the age of 6 months, it will need to be DNA tested to prove the parentage.

This is done at the owners expense (usually £50).

If you require DNA testing for your horse then please contact the BMHS Head Office.