If your miniature horse is already registered with us and has reached it’s 4th birthday, then it must be upgraded to the mature register, if you wish to retain it’s registration. Please note that as of 2018 this is only a requirement for horses with old style passports (pre 2016) as the new passports have all the registration information printed in them.

You can do this by sending a letter to the BMHS office giving the full name, age, and current height (in cm and inches please) of the horse to be upgraded, along with the appropriate payment, and two recent photographs.

All BMHS registration fees are available in the BMHS fees 2018 booklet.

You must include at least two photos of your horse, one from each side of the horse. These should be enclosed with your application. Please ensure that the photos are between 6x8cm – 8x10cm and that the horse fills 80% of the frame with it’s head facing towards the camera. One photo will then be attached to the Registration Document which will be returned to you for your safe-keeping and the other will be kept at the BMHS office with the registration details.

If the horse to be upgraded is a stallion, and you would like it to be licensed, then it is advisable that you acquire the license before you upgrade. For information on Stallion licensing, click here.