Stallion Licensing

Stallion Licensing


All stallions aged 3 years and over must be fully licensed to be eligible for showing.

Licensing is carried out by a Veterinary Surgeon, who will check your stallion for the following:

  • Soundness in wind and limb.
  • Free of contagious diseases or infections.
  • Correct jaw and teeth alignment.
  • Having two fully descended and normal testicles.
  • Being free of all limb abnormalities especially patella luxation.
  • Free of any conformation abnormalities that would render him unsuitable for breeding (including: Cataracts, Ringbone, Sidebone, Stringhalt, Laryngeal Paralysis (roaring and whistling), Bone Spavin, and Shivering).

You must arrange the Veterinary inspection yourself, but before you a do so, send your stallion’s temporary registration papers to the office with a stamped addressed envelope addressed to your Veterinary Surgeon. We will then send the necessary forms to your vet. DO NOT SEND THE STALLION’S PASSPORT, as this will be needed by the vet to identify the stallion.

If your stallion is 4 years old or over, we will also require new photographs and the correct fee for a permanent registration certificate should also be included.

Your Veterinary surgeon should return his report to the Registrars office and the Registrar will inform you of the Society’s decision. If your stallion passes his examination, we will amend his registration form and return it to you. If he fails and you decide to have him gelded, please notify us with veterinary proof, and we will amend his registration to the gelding register. If he fails but you wish to keep him entire we will place him on the un-licensed stallion register, and he will no longer be eligible for showing.

It is recommended that a stallion covers up to two mares in his second year and up to four mares in his third year.

Please record ALL your stallion’s coverings on his Stallion Breeding Report, which must be sent to the BMHS Head Office at the end of every year.

Visiting mares should also be given a Covering Certificate.